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Today we are featuring BALOX (MICHAEL BALOGUN) and his Fan Art.

Michael Balogun is a member of the comics Meltdown group. He is a well-known artist of critical renown and deservedly impressive assessment by haters and lovers alike. We caught up with Michael after his birthday some days back

Michael is quite frankly, a monstrously talented graphic artist who has at least 20 separate critically acclaimed comic titles under his belt. While his repertoire of graphic art is too numerous to be listed, he was gracious enough to allow us cite a sparse list of his Fan-Art work below.

  1. Wonder Woman: Dominic Ozirien on lines Art and Balox on Colours.9_wonderwoman
  2. Wolverines and X23: Dominic Ozirien on lines Art and Balox on Colours.4_loganx
  3. Power Rangers: Dominic Ozirien on line Art and Balox on Colours.

    7_Power rangers

  4. Random Colours: By BaloxTINU
  5. Juli: Julia Ehana on line Art and Balox on Colours.3_juli
  6. Super Sons: Stanley “Stanch”Obende on line Art and Balox on Colours.8_Super sons

Wow!!! We told you he was a monster!

Catching up with Balox was blast!

When we asked Balox on the reason he bothers to create ART, his succinct response was

A: Honestly I do not have a definite answer to this question but if I have to give an answer, I’ll say it’s because i enjoy doing it. I love to see plain line art/inks brought to life with colors. There’s this feeling of heightened confidence/ satisfaction i get whenever i finish coloring a line art piece, it usually makes me eager to color another piece. 

We further queried him on why he created pieces of Fan-Art?

A: I love to color fan art. Though i can be a bit picky with the art style, i usually love clean lines with little or no shades so i have the freedom to do whatever i want. That is, pick the light direction, background style, etc.

As with all Masters in creating Comic Fan Art or Art in General, he dissected his mental process for those interested in a peek into the mind of an ART genius;

A: Whenever i get the line art, be it comic pages, posters, covers or fan arts, i usually open and read a comic book for inspiration. Then i look for recent books colored by Marte Gracia (Marvel) and Alejandro Sanchez (DC) and use them as reference. So far, these are my two favorite color artists. Their styles are unique. I reference other color artists like Etubi Onucheyo and Mohammed Agbadi both Nigerian and international maestros like Sanchez and Gracia. Once these phase is done, i go on ahead to color. Flats first and then detailing. Over the years, I’ve worked on my speed so i get to do more in less time.

Finally we pestered him on what ART was to him and he responded:

A:To me, art is both a hobby and a source of income. There are a lot of other things i can do  for income but I’d always pick art over most of those things. Basically, art is life. I’d always put art before anything else…  (Except for running (Overzealous Jogging) and fitness though lol).

What more can we say?!

Michael Balogun continues to be a source of inspiration all budding artists.

Please check out his art and his words, drop some kind words on this post for him, we will relate them to him!

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Wow!, we like what we see!!

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