Leisure Reading Review: Dark Days: The Road to Metal — The Domain for Truth

A leisure reading review because Pastors also need a break from heavy theological reading! Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Dark Days: The Road to Metal. Burbank, CA: DC Comics, May 22nd 2018. 256 pp. 4 out of 5 Purchase: Amazon This is a collection of various DC Comic issues that lays the foundation for a big DC […]

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MIcheal Balogun (Balox) Celebrates 80th Birthday, Invites the Entire Country to Birthday Bash!

Micheal Balogun (Balox) is a talented comic graphic artist and the creator of the Ireti Franchise being published by Comic Republic. While he is known for his talent and amazing personality, he is also known for his dearth of restraint in suffering fools gladly.

Our correspondent on the scene the other day swore on the life of his great great great grandfather that he saw Balox yelling “leave road!!!” at a chicken. But, his amazing account does not end there, he recounted that after Balox graphically painted 138 commissions within 23 Minute, he simultaneously boasted of his rice cooking skills.

Please, find proof of the discussion below.DSC_0625fds.jpgs

At this juncture, while we are sure that our journalist was on steroids, we are also resolute that Balox is a wonderful human being.

Happy Birthday Micheal Balogun.

Please bring your Fan-Art so we can post them.

By the Journalist that Strikes.

Featured: Kelechi Isaac’s Fan-Art.

Today we are featuring Kelechi Isaac and his Fan Art.

Kelechi told us first hand that when he draws he calculates whether Anatomy is right, and the lighting is right… in his Mind, it is like mixing chemicals to ultimately refine the process and get the right mix.

This is what Art is to Kelechi.

Please, find his art below, Let us know what you think:

  1. Max Speed from the Hero Generation Comics:

HG poster

2. What is this? lol

New can2

3. Guardian Prime and Union Guard (Guardian Prime Comic)GP poster 3

4. Random creation


Wow!, we like what we see!!

This Kelechi’s contact:

Email: Kayceeice7@gmail.com

Whatsapp & Mobile: 08173182145

Wale. C. Dev, Our Admin releases a Comic of Intrigue and “Spearing” Awesomeness!

According to his posts on the Forum(https://www.facebook.com/groups/Comics.Meltdown/)  Wale has been working  on Trials of the Spear for a while…  Alongside Dominic Oziren and Michael Balogun. This comic takes you back a few hundred years to old Oyo kingdom for this one!

When you have a Panel like the one below, you know you are in for Art and story awesomeness.012.jpg


I have read this and honestly, it is a masterpiece of lore and homage to Japanese Shounen Manga.

Please……enjoy, and discuss…

PDF: http://www.thecomicrepublic.com/Trials_of_the_spear/Trials_of_the_spear_1.pdf

CBZ: http://www.thecomicrepublic.com/Trials_of_the_spear/Trials_of_the_spear_1.cbz


When you read this, ensure you come back to tell us what you think. We will ensure he sees your opinion. lol!

When you know about comics, appreciate the medium and respect the craft, it shows through. This comic displays exactly these factors.

by The Reporter who Strikes.

Mobolaji Moore spits on Black Panther, Rages about the Bat’s Superiority.

maxresdefaultThe Comics Meltdown Group Resident Batman Specialist, if by specialist i mean raging and frothing at the mouth Batman Fan. He  tackled the issue of Black Panther in a Podcast Mid June 2018.

He made it clear that Black Panther is inferior to the Dark Knight listing several reasons for his assertion. Please listen to his statements below.


IN any event, this saga is not done yet, coming next is Moore on why the Black Panther Movie is rubbish. His reasons might be contrived and borderline insane, but he does not care.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Leader of PEACENIXS goofs, calls “Lucius Fox”, “Luscious”.


The Peacenixs are a well known Quasi Faction on the Comics Meltdown Group.

If by known, you mean floundering, messing up and taking no position. The PEacenixs are the proverbial fence sitters who then get mauled by all sides.

Their self proclaimed leader, Caleb AE decided to make comic history when he renamed Batman’s well know helper and Bat family resident engineer “Lucius Fox” as LUSCIOUS FOX. At the time of this report, reports are coming in that, maybe indeed he finds the old black guy luscious *shrugs*35386829_1686324668118977_7456441891647651840_n

Many Members of the group expressed outrage and disbelief at the truancy of the PEACENIX leader while some like Dr. Moore fainted in disbelief at the disrespect meted out to the BATFamily. Caleb on the other hand expressed disdain and a blatant refusal to repent. Find his confession below.

He expressed clear irreverence for the sacred halls of the Comics Meltdown group.

The scoundrel could not be reached for further comments.

By The Reporter who strikes.


1st CWM Comic Script Writing Competition.

We are having a Comic Script Competition on the Writers Group.
1st CWM Comic Script Writing Competition.
We are Comic Script Writers. Lets have a bit of show and tell Along with the Swapping of Ideas.
Please write a 12 Page Comic Script With ALL the following elements:
– Superpowers
-Corruption (Subjective interpretation)
-West Africa
-Inter-dimensional Travel.
– New Characters for the purpose of the Competition (The Script cannot be based on existing Characters in any continuity)
Prizes are listed as follows:
-Prize Money from Comic Republic
-Feature on The HyperDrive
-Feature on Republic Nation
-Books on Storytelling from The HyperDrive
-Possible Comic Book Deal.
Submissions close 8th of July 2018. You will be expected to post your script in doc form to The Comics Writers Meltdown Facebook group for a valid entry. Please ensure to read group rules of the Comic Writers Meltdown Group. Find link below
Lets do this. If you love comics and writing, this just might be an opportunity to get the right people to notice you.
Edit: For those who need clarification, the Structure of the Script should be:
-Proposal for Cover description(With Proposed Comic Name)
– Alt Cover(If any)
-12 Page Comic
-Foreword (If any)
If you are interested, follow the link and join
You will be expected to post your script in doc form to the Facebook group for a valid entry. Please ensure you read group rules.

page 11232 colors.jpgytwq

Detective Comics 983 (2018) Short Meltdown Review

Detective Comics (2016-) 983-002

Detective Comics 983 (2018) Short Meltdown Review.

Great Comic really.

This Comic fully showcases why Batman is beloved by so many people including our resident Dr. Moore.

Personally, i loved the angle of the new villain who seems to believe that all “Batman Helpers” make batman weak or “unbatman”. The banter between Martian Manhunter and Bruce further serving the fact that even when helpless Batman is still batman.

The Art was great also with the Alternative Cover above taking the cake for me. The Art was is crisp and clear with colours serving the tone and theme of the story. I loved the fact that the art was gritty in the right place and “comicy” in the right places.

Have you read it

What did you think about it?

Vent on the Meltdown please.



By Akintoba Kalejaye.