Featured Artist: To Balox(Michael Balogun), ART comes FIRST!!

Michael Balogun is a member of the comics Meltdown group. He is a well-known artist of critical renown and deservedly impressive assessment by haters and lovers alike. We caught up with Michael after his birthday some days back

Michael is quite frankly, a monstrously talented graphic artist who has at least 20 separate critically acclaimed comic titles under his belt. While his repertoire of graphic art is too numerous to be listed, he was gracious enough to allow us cite a sparse list of his Fan-Art work below.

  1. Wonder Woman: Dominic Ozirien on line Art and Balox on Colours.9_wonderwoman
  2. Wolverines and X23: Dominic Ozirien on line Art and Balox on Colours.4_loganx
  3. Power Rangers: Dominic Ozirien on line Art and Balox on Colours.

    7_Power rangers

  4. Random Colours: By BaloxTINU
  5. Juli: Julia Ehana on line Art and Balox on Colours.3_juli
  6. Super Sons: Stanley “Stanch”Obende on line Art and Balox on Colours.8_Super sons

Wow!!! We told you he was a monster!

Catching up with Balox was blast!

When we asked Balox on the reason he bothers to create ART, his succinct response was

A: Honestly I do not have a definite answer to this question but if I have to give an answer, I’ll say it’s because i enjoy doing it. I love to see plain line art/inks brought to life with colors. There’s this feeling of heightened confidence/ satisfaction i get whenever i finish coloring a line art piece, it usually makes me eager to color another piece. 

We further queried him on why he created pieces of Fan-Art?

A: I love to color fan art. Though i can be a bit picky with the art style, i usually love clean lines with little or no shades so i have the freedom to do whatever i want. That is, pick the light direction, background style, etc.

As with all Masters in creating Comic Fan Art or Art in General, he dissected his mental process for those interested in a peek into the mind of an ART genius;

A: Whenever i get the line art, be it comic pages, posters, covers or fan arts, i usually open and read a comic book for inspiration. Then i look for recent books colored by Marte Gracia (Marvel) and Alejandro Sanchez (DC) and use them as reference. So far, these are my two favorite color artists. Their styles are unique. I reference other color artists like Etubi Onucheyo and Mohammed Agbadi both Nigerian and international maestros like Sanchez and Gracia. Once these phase is done, i go on ahead to color. Flats first and then detailing. Over the years, I’ve worked on my speed so i get to do more in less time.

Finally we pestered him on what ART was to him and he responded:

A:To me, art is both a hobby and a source of income. There are a lot of other things i can do  for income but I’d always pick art over most of those things. Basically, art is life. I’d always put art before anything else…  (Except for running (Overzealous Jogging) and fitness though lol).

What more can we say?!

Michael Balogun continues to be a source of inspiration all budding artists.

Please check out his art and his words, drop some kind words on this post for him, we will relate them to him!

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Featured Artist: Ariel Viola believes ART gives him Freedom.

Ariel Viola is from the Philippines and he is a member of the Comics Meltdown Group. He works as an artist for a Living, doing commissions as freelancer . We caught up with him earlier this week to take a look at his art and ask him about his thoughts on art. After he sent us some of his work, Boy!! were we excited to feature him!

Check out his Art below:

1.Aker Final s

2.Simetra Final s

3.Nommo Final 1s

Well, we can only say one thing!, wow!!

Looking at the line art and colors, it is not far fetched to say that Ariel is a very talented artist.

Ariel said he loves drawing, creating and making Fan-Art or Art in general since, he believes that every line improves his art and gives him the freedom to develop himself and his craft.

Ariel is a multifaceted artist who uses both the traditional style/Hand Drawn Art or Graphic Art. He does admit however that he uses his graphic Tab & Computer most of the time, especially on his professional jobs. In his words, Art is everything to him, whatever he sees is a form of art that he feels he and everyone need to appreciate. Sagely words!!!

-Please find Ariel on social media at:



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Alaba Onajin is a prolific writer,artist and all around great guy. He is also a well known lover and stout advocate of anything DC comics. His name “The Alabatman”is well deserved moniker. His charge during the great war of the Meltdown many years ago, his feats of courage are still whispered in fear in the great halls of the Mujis. His dislike for Marvel comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well documented on the group.

That was until earlier this week.

The famed DC adherent was caught on camera taking pictures with Marvel’s Deadpool at an undisclosed location. His action portending his defection from the Comic Meltdown Forum, The DC Jis. Please note his smile in the attached picture showing how happy and elated he was to have initiated this abhorrent betrayal of his kin.


The reactions of the DC Jis have ranged from disbelief to denial or straight out depression. At this moment, the fate of the DC Jis remains unknown since their general has decamped to evidently the better camp.

Alabatman has refused to comment on his action and could not be reached for any further comments. But, our resident Dr. Moore has sworn that there will be a reckoning. He swore to this on his upside down konoha headband.


We will keep you updated as this is a developing situation.

By the Reporter that Strikes.


Review: RED OCTOBER by Sewedo Nupowaku is a Joy to behold!!


Written by Sewedo Nupowaku, Seun Odukoya and Hannu Afere.

Line Art by Babajide Briggs Adebimpe

Colours by Toyin Adetumobi, Amadi Chigozie, Tarella Pablo, Michael Balogun, Jeffery Oyem and Waliu Edu

The Cover art by Babajide Briggs Adebimpe, Oladejo Kazeem and Babajide Olusanya

Sewedo Nupowaku is a long member and friend of the Comics Meltdown. He has always been known to endorse great comics and to rave on great art. When we heard last year that he was creating his own comic, we were aware it would not be anything but a masterpiece.


Come June, 2018, he and his team on the Hyperdrive released Red October, a story of intrigue, history & action woven with African lore into a Nigerian Story. The comics sets a pretty high standard from the get go in its plotting and story sequence. Creating a scenery for a high level of intricate story telling, but guess what?. The comic completely completely pulls it off!!

Not to spoil the story, this story draws a nexus across the landscape of the history and political settings of Nigeria. Drawing the thin strings of African Lore and Tradition to tie this bundle together. The conversations and caption are glorious to read, making us understand that this great read was not a fluke. The writing by Sewedo Nupowaku, Seun Odukoya and Hannu Afere is a gift that keeps on giving.


The Art of this book is great, and that is an understatement. The pages boast of crisp lines by Babajide Briggs Adebimpe, ultimately complemented by the supreme colours of Toyin Adetumobi, Amadi Chigozie, Tarella Pablo, Michael Balogun, Jeffery Oyem and Waliu Edu. Honestly, i would like to have what these guys are drinking in order to produce pages that leap out of their own book!!!

The Cover Art…wow. The Cover art by Babajide Briggs Adebimpe, Oladejo Kazeem and Babajide Olusanya completely syncs up with the story, properly foretelling the visual and storied feast that is about to happen when reading this book.


This is simply put, a great book.

4.5 Stars out of Five

Please read the comic on the Hyperdrive: https://hyperdrive-files.herokuapp.com/trinity-issue-1


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The Anime Exchange is a well known, well loved Facebook group that started fan meets in Nigeria. Up until a year ago, the group had hosted 15 events across several locations in Nigeria.

The Anime Exchange is an event where fans of Japanese Animation, Manga and other Genres come together to argue, share and talk about what they love. The creator of the group, Mr. Bodunrin Oye is also known to organize video games for video games enthusiasts. He is also known to dominate these video games events with overwhelming skills!.

Now, after a long hiatus, they are back with a loud bang!, They will be hosting this event with The Comics Meltdown & The NaijaGakure group. The Hosts of the event are; Mr. Bodunrin Oye, Mr. Jewju Brown and Mr. Akintoba Kalejaye.

The 16th Anime Exchange will be happening in Lagos and the details are:

Date: 11th of August, 2018


Google Maps:

It is our recommendation that you attend this event as it will have a cross section of Fans, Comic Creators, Animation, Games and Fan Arguments(Loud Fan Arguments!).

Hope to see you there!!

THOR VS KRATOS Battle takes Internet by Storm, Meltdown by a Meltdown Member imminent!!!


Mighty Raccoon is a YouTube channel well known for their awesome animations. They released this 3d flick you should absolutely checkout 5 days ago. As the reactions trickle in, it is clear that several Marvel Fans are not happy with the conclusion.

We are aware that this will probably be the case on the meltdown as we expect well known Thor Fan Dapo Olasiyan to rage about this flick.

Reactions will be posted as they come in.

Meanwhile make sure to check out several other videos on the Mighty Raccoon YouTube channel:


By the Reporter that strikes.

Review: Hal Jordan and the green lantern corps (2016) issue#47 By Caleb AE


Hal Jordan and the green lantern corps (2016) issue#47

Art by:Ethan Van Sciver

Cover by:Stephen Segovia

Variant cover by:Tyler Kirkham

Written by:Robert Venditti

Another instalment in the series run with the same consistency in quality as most of the previous books

The art was average but quite consistent through out the book,given that it wasn’t anything special it takes nothing from the experience but it also adds nothing.

The panelling during combat is also nothing too eye catching,one would get the general idea of the fight but it wasn’t exactly as fluid as it needed to be.

The dialogue was interesting,nothing too soulless except Hammond but I suppose that’s what they were going for.

As for the story it was quite surprising, full disclosure, I did not see two of the three shock reveals coming,it was finely done and looking back I should have seen them coming.

Being a book filled with so many plot reveals it only makes sense that I would be unable to give an in depth analysis without revealing any spoilers.

All in all it wasn’t anything exactly amazing



Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot wins the Best Actress Award at the 44th Saturn Awards 2018 By Alaba Onajin

galgadotdestacadoWonder Woman actress Gal Gadot wins the Best Actress Award at the 44th Saturn Awards 2018. She edged out Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther), Daisy Ridley (Rey, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), and many others who were also nominated in that category.

Gadot made her debut as the Amazonian warrior in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, (Zack Snyder, 2016) before headlining her solo origin movie Wonder Woman(Patty Jenkins, 2017) and returning in Justice League(Zack Snyder, 2017).

Gadot is now reunited with Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman ’84, which has begun prodcution. Kristen Wiig also features as Barbara Ann Minerva, aka longtime Cheetah. The sequel opens November 1, 2019.

ICEMAN returns to Marvel Comics this September — BIG COMIC PAGE

Marvel Comics have announced that their critically acclaimed series ICEMAN, which garnered multiple award nominations during its original run, is set to return this September featuring original writer Sina Grace and brand new series artist Nathan Stockman (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme). The new series follows Iceman as he […]

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