Visionary #2 Review: Visionary Bleeds Coolness!!! by Patrick Agusi

Comics Meltdown Review of Visionary #2

Published by Comic Republic

Created by Akintoba Kalejaye

Written by Akintoba Kalejaye

Line Art by Stanley Obende

Colours by Tobe Max Ezeogu

Cover by Ozo Ezeogu

0b Cover 2

“Child, it seems you can see me?”, asks the spirit. And instantly I knew I was sold. Yes, I have seen you. And I have noticed you very well. 006

Visionary issue 2 is the third installment in a tale that looks keen on becoming one of Africa’s strongest titles in the comics scene. I would not deny.

When I initially leafed through this issue, I was a bit miffed to realize that there was little to be seen of Sango, the fan favorite who I am sure everyone that picked this up was looking forward to see. What we got instead was more Danmole, the young lad who has a past (and a connection to the thunder god) that is certainly pivotal to the plot.


And boy!, am I glad that I was miffed! With less focus on Sango, we are thrown right behind Danmole (and his family), who with this issue, has rightfully grown into a strong character of his own! Apart from his intriguing history and heritage, Danmole sets the ball rolling for the advancement of the plot, and his easily likeable personality is enough to leave you–by the time you are done–wondering about the unique circumstances that the trio (him, his sister and his grandma) have found themselves in.


This here is a solid protagonist after my heart! The Pros? Great lines and colors. Tiger grandma!!! A villain who practical screams “Nigerian!”. The suit with the native touch to it enhanced his swoleness. And I would be giving a half point to my rating for his originality alone.


The narrative, also, is easily the best part of this issue. It is consistent with prior releases. And it flows smoothly, from page to page, trusting itself to do so without stumbling. The Yoruba language also seems to bring a certain life to the tale, and you would never think you are reading some story about a bald hero, or some medieval swordsman who has been unlucky since birth. This is blatantly Visionary. And it is proud to uphold its own identity.


The magic system (though not much has been shown on that yet) is also a positive allure. And watching Sango walk towards the battlefield, lost in his own musings was also a thing of great awe! (Seriously, the Yoruba thunder god bleeds coolness every time he appears in page).


Cons? Alas, it ended too quickly! Which was my major problem with this book. I wanted to lose myself in the visionary world for a little bit longer. There was also a scene–a splash page, I think–where the proper sequence of reading was a bit difficult to decipher. It did not hurt it much as this was during a fight scene, but it is worth calling to notice.

All in all, I think this is one of the better comic releases from Nigeria this year. 4.5/5.

Hopefully, the wait up to the next issue will be a lot less and it might be a little bulkier. Kudos to the team that worked on this.

I have read Visionary #2. Have you?

Read the recently released Visionary #2 here:



For plot Coherence, If you have not read #0 & #1 please do so.

Make sure to let us know what you think!

Review Written by Patrick Agusi (Writer, Comic Fan)


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Lagos Comic Con Moves to Remedy The Situation.

Hey Guys,

Finally, there is a reprise and progress on OluGbenga Lawal issue that was brought to the group’s attention.

A week ago, one of ours came to the group with news that was both disturbing and unfair. In a characteristic response, the members of the group rallied together and roared against those that reside in the clouds.

Our voices were heard. Our voices compelled positive change.

According to the documents and excerpts we have received, the money has not been fully repaid, but the legal framework is in place to compel payment. For this, we can say kudos to the organizers of LCC at the very least for stepping up to the plate.

gbenga post

This said, the ADMIN have resolved that we will not reverse our decision or take a step back until this situation is completely resolved. It is our hope that LCC will be honorable in seeing this through. When this is done, we are prepared to review our decision based off the prevailing situation at that instance.

Honestly, we are sure that the actions of the members of this group in collaboration with the ADMIN has changed the Comics industry for the better. People will definitely be more conscientious in dealing with other…at least in this Industry.

Honestly, you guys are superheroes! and we the ADMIN have never been prouder of all of you and this group.

We thank everyone for their support and for their conscience.

The Anime Exchange
The Comics Meltdown

Trust is the basis for growth.

Hey Comics Meltdown Group,

Yesterday, one of our members Mr. Gbenga Lawal brought a situation to our notice.


In his post, he alleged that the Convener of Lagos Comic Con, Mr. Ayodele Elegba Scammed him of 3 million Naira. He further pleaded for our help to compel Mr. Elegba to return his money and publicize this issue .

Seeing the serious nature of his claims, the admin of the Comics Meltdown, Naijagakure and Anime Exchange investigated his claims. Further to this, Mr Lawal thereto notified us/provided documentary evidence for his claims and we premise our findings on his documents.

We considered his claims purely on their merit since it seems that Mr. Ayodele Elegba is not ready or willing to take our request for a response from him seriously. It is noteworthy that, if or/and when we are able to confirm from Ayodele Elegba or we have information that is sufficient to change our finding and decision, we will change our stance immediately.

To reach a decision we examined:
– Emails between both partiesLCC evid 1
– Contract(s)
– Financial statements (or lack thereof)

We established the following:
-1. Mr Lawal wanted to organize his own Comic Con (Abuja Comic Con). He went to Mr Elegba for advise upon which Mr Elegba advised him to invest his funds into Lagos Comic Con(LCC) so that he would have more funds for his own event.
-2. Mr. Elegba via a document known as “FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS AND BUDGET FOR LAGOS COMIC CON 2018” assured Mr. Lawal that the LCC would return “N16,900,000 total profit after invested cost” of which “N5,070,000” would be his own return. In Mr. Elegba’s word in the email and document he said “However i must say this is just a forecast and we could make more than this and God forbid maybe a little less”. This email made his ensuing action very confusing.
-3. Mr. Elegba and Mr. Lawal signed an MOU which made the amount invested by Mr. Lawal a nonrefundable investment. Mr. Lawal notes here that he signed the MOU with little Legal Advice purely out of trust of Mr. Elegba’s standing in the industry.
-4. The LCC 18 happened and after Mr. Elegba notified Mr Lawal that his investment of 3 million was gone and he forwarded N150,000 to Mr. Lawal as his cut of the profit. Mr. Elegba did not show his bank records or actual books to Mr. Lawal to support his claims. He instead forwarded some word documents typed by his hands of expenditure and profits.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-10 at 10.35.12 AM

Our Reasoning:
Before we give our decision on this contingency as The Admin of the Comics Meltdown Group, we must say we find this situation completely unacceptable and abhorrent. Merely going through the documents forwarded by Mr. Lawal, there were several discrepancies in the Contract, in the documentation, that clearly point to intent to outsmart Mr. Lawal from the get-go.

While we will say, Mr. Elegba’s actions are perfectly Legal as far as the contract goes, his refusal to share his bank records with an investor to support his claims, his recent statements (recanted by Mr. Lawal) of “the money is gone” which differ from his initial assurances compels us to believe that there is more to this than meets the eye.

His actions of refusing to share proper documentation of the convention’s earnings, discrepancies in his estimates all point to a dearth of ethics.

Notably, earlier, members of the group, Mr Dapo Olasiyan and Shamsudeen Idris noted that despite Mr. Elegba receiving money for the Cosplay competition for LCC 17 in full, he refused to pay the sum to the winners till September 2018. A year plus after he received said sum in full and from the conclusion of the event.

We will not be part of this way of doing things.

Our decision:
The Nigerian Comics Industry is budding and cannot afford incidents like what has happened. Trust is the basis for growth and if dishonesty like this is allowed to thrive, then we are only headed for disaster both as an Industry and as fans.

We are fully aware that we are merely Admin of an online group, lacking any real power of law and do not conduct ourselves as such, but, we are at liberty to determine who has access to our forum and use such as means of furthering their own agenda. We act in respect of this understanding of the extent of our authority.

We are merely a group that loves Superheroes…

…we should emulate the superheroes we believe in…

This could have happened to any of us. To trust is not err EVER, but to seek to take without returns or transparency at the very least is wrong.

The actions by the conveners of the LCC are wrong in their entirety. The are immoral without a doubt and they lack honour. They show an abject lack of apathy or basic understanding of honour. As such, we decide;

-The Lagos Comic Con and All related to them are hereby blacklisted from all our forums.
-The Lagos Comic Con and All related to them are disallowed from using our forums in any way or manner.

Our decision is clear and without any ambiguities and will be posted across all our forums.

We clearly believe that behavior like this will severely stunt the growth of the Nigerian Comics Industry both Nationally and internationally. It is therefore imperative that this matter not be kept private in any manner. We, Nigerian comics fans do not support this type of behavior, this much must be clear to the world.

In this vein, we plead and advise that all forum members who finds such actions abhorrent and morally unacceptable should do what they feel they can to spread the word to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else

We hope Mr. Lawal recoups his money and We hope all who intend to have ANY dealing or know anyone who would have such intention of dealing with Lagos comic con and of its agents will stand advised on their (LCC’s) way of doing business.

Comics Meltdown Admin.
Naijagakure Admin
Anime Exchange Admin.


Metalla #2 Review: Metalla Makes you feel like you are holding a piece of glass! by Patrick Aguisi


Metalla the 13th is one of those titles that makes you feel like you are holding on to a piece of glass. On one hand, the glass dazzles when hit by the light, and you can see a reflection of yourself and all of the worries that plague you on its enthralling surface. On the other, the edges of the glass have not been dulled, and the slightest misstep in handling can result to fractures that would forever ruin the worth of the piece you hold.

And this is the best way to describe Metalla. So far, the story has been intriguing (no seriously, it hits a 10/10 on the intrigue-o-meter), with the potential to become MUCH more. The title tries to take you through a narrative that most Nigerians are already conscious of– stuff that we are ever ready whine and gripe about amongst ourselves, but are often hesitant to speak about in the presence of outsiders.


You can tell it is a story with an intent to be gritty. I got that much from the first installment. Metalla #2 continues in this form, and it sets up a series of events that have ridiculous potential to be story-telling gold…. As if the designs of the characters in the book (Metalla themselves) were not awesome enough already.

I like what I am seeing. However, like the piece of glass, if handled poorly, the un-dulled edges would cut the reader and the story-telling might fall apart and shatter. The book chooses to utilize a non-linear narrative. And you can tell that we are currently still in the set-up phase, so it is incredibly hard to judge at the moment.


As a standalone title, Metalla #2 is good. Some great scenes. Nice artwork. Nothing too noteworthy about the story in this issue. When looked at, however, as the second part of a broader narrative, of which I know the writer to be very capable of (judging by his past works), Metalla #2 springs to life as an important cog in the wheel, one which we would be sure to return to most often down the line, as events that have been set in motion begin to fall into place.


I rate it at a 3.5/5. Incredible book, but best read with the issues that would be sure to follow.

The Metalla characters and design get an 8/10. I honestly cannot help but study their form in each page. This is one book that will remain on my shelf (or desktop) for a while to come.


I have read Metalla #2. Have you?

Read the recently released Metalla #2 here:
– Web:…
– Mobile:

Download #2:

For plot Coherence, If you have not read #1 please do so here:
– Web:
– Mobile:

Download #1:

Make sure to let us know what you think!

Review Written by Patrick Agusi (Writer, Comic Fan)


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Review of Beatz 3: The Rhythm Hits a Crescendo! by Patrick Agusi


Comics Meltdown Review of Beatz #3

Published by Comic Republic

Created by Jide Martin

Written by Akintoba Kalejaye

Line Art by Yusuf Adeleye

Colours by Franklin Ikechukwu

I have always maintained that Beatz is one of the best titles currently being published by Comic Republic, and this chapter does everything to reinforce that belief.

While it is always fun to see new heroes with unique power-sets, it is equally just as boring to read about powers-sets rather than people. Many upcoming comic titles try to lure you in with “what the hero can do”, rather than tell a story of “who the hero is”. Beatz does not fall into this trap, and the comic so far, has been about the enigma “Dj Sose” and the things that drive him, as much as it is about his incredible abilities and the manner in which he uses them. Kudos to the writer for that.


So what are the things that Beatz #3 does right?

First off, kudos to Adeleye for the lines. There is something gritty and “naijalistic” about the art in Beatz that I do not see in many comics from the region. Facial expressions are tough, lines are sharp and suitably defined. The anatomy of Jade Waziri is… ahem. The colors are incredible. Dialogue is short and precise, and actions always speak louder than words in this title.


The plot seems to be opening up to something much bigger, and it seems our villain from the last issue is actually a bigger force than most readers would realize.


The events in this issue were rather character-driven, and I honestly love where things are going with Sose’s characterization.016

The bad?

Lagos seems to have a bit too many thugs who seem fond of mugging/beating people up in alleys in broad-daylight. You would wonder where they keep getting their confidence from. Especially with all the superheroes running around. The narration in this issue was also a little too self-indulgent at times. Some parts would have done with more clarity. .

Beatz #3 is a solid instalment in an already solid series and the next issue promises to be more electrifying than anything we have seen so far.

4/5 stars. And no. I am not padding.

Please read Beats #3 here:

Download CBR of Beatz #3 here:

Make sure to let us know what you think!

Review Written by Patrick Agusi (Writer, Comic Fan)


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DC Comics Comics Releases for 12/09/18.

DC Comics Comics Releases for 12/09/18. Great Releases this week!!!. You do not want to miss one!! DC’s Art stays winning every day, all day!!

Catwoman #3
Batman Day Batman – White Knight Special #1
Batman – Li’L Gotham Batman Day 2018 Special Edition #1
Detective Comics #988
Flash #54 : Download | Read Online
Hawkman #4 : Download | Read Online
House Of Whispers #1 : Download | Read Online
Immortal Men #6 : Not available yet
Plastic Man #4 (Of 6) : Download | Read Online
Red Hood And The Outlaws #26 : Download | Read Online
Scooby Apocalypse #29
Sideways #8
Suicide Squad #46
Supergirl #22
Superman #3
The Death of Superman, Part 1 #7
Titans #25
Wildstorm Michael Cray #11
Wonder Woman #54

Marvel comics releases for 12/09/18

@Marvel comics releases for 12/09/18: Great week for Marvel!!!. Loads of Stand out titles! Weapon H stays slaying!!

• Amazing Spider-Man #5
• Champions #24
 Daredevil #608
• Domino #6
• Exiles #8
• Fantastic Four #2
• Iceman #1 (Of 5)
• Infinity Wars #3 (Of 6)
• Journey Into Mystery The Birth Of Krakoa #1
• Marvel Rising Omega #1
• Ms. Marvel #34
• Old Man Logan #47
• Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #309
• Runaways #13
• Star Wars Darth Vader #21
• Star Wars The Last Jedi Adaptation #6 (Of 6)
• Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #36
• Venom First Host #3 (Of 5)
• Weapon H #7
• X-23 #4
• X-Men Blue #35

Aje #3 is a Transcendental book of Art Marvel.

Comics Meltdown Review of AJE #3


Published by Comic Republic

Written by Wale Awelenje.

Line Art by OZ (Ozo Ezeogu)

Colours by MADMAX (Tobe Ezeogu)

We love Comics. We worship great comics, and this is one.

Wale Awelenje is an Admin and a day one member of the comics meltdown group.


So, we are not surprised with this monstrosity of a comic that came out of his mind. But, we get ahead of ourselves.

There was plenty of Hype surrounding this comic and we were not invested until we read it. Holy S#&*%!

This comic is beyond awesome and maybe created by the gods for the gods!

Lets start from the Line Art!, oh wow!. Oz had to have been on alien herbs to have drawn this!. The Line art was a wondrous experience and every dot, every line and hatch spoke of supreme purpose. The line art was inspired to say the least and honestly made the experience of reading the comic ethereal in form and nature. OZ should proud of himself for this game changing art at the very least. We are happy that this comic is an African one as it speaks to the potential hidden on the African Continent.


The Colours were out of this planet!. MAX has shown the Madness he his well know for artistically. The colours boosted the art and made the pages a pure pleasure to look at. We were honestly worried once we saw the sheer amount of details on the lines but MAX buried our worries with his ethereal splash of colours around the comics. One of our reviewer keeps saying his eyes are still bleeding from the sheer awesomeness. This comic could not have been easy to colour yet, Max pulled it off!


The script written by Clock Penalty(wale) obviously set a very high standard for the comic from the get go and we were happy to see the words match the script line for line. This comic was easy to read and it advances the story of AJE into an overdrive not seen in the last issues.

This comic was a great read!

This is a great Comic, and honestly, we don’t know if it gets better than this.

This is expression, this is Art.

Comic Republic has made pure magic with this book, we cannot wait for what they do next!

This is a great comic book. End.

Please read here

and tell us what you think!!

4.7 out of 5 stars!

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African Comics Writers are here…Now.

In the African/Nigerian Comics/Graphics Novels clime, Writers – Comics Scripts Writers are/ have always been relegated to the background.

Artists are lauded solely – rightly. The importance of the Artist in the creative process of evincing the visuals of the Comic Book cannot be understated. This is a fact. But…

The Comic book writers is just as important.

In the process of making any comic, the sigil of any great comic’s narrative starts and ultimately stops with the writer. Notably, no one can do everything. In same manner, no Artist can truly make a great comic without a great writer.

Significantly, this then begs the query on why writers are ignored and relegated to the background in Nigerian… No, African Comics. It is truly mind boggling.

If truly this industry was a student of history, it would be realized that the various heads of various internationally successful Comics Companies are Writers and with good reason. This is another statement of fact…

Stan Lee, Micheal Bends, Hickman, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller, Scott Snyder and the almighty Robert Kirkman of Walking dead fame are a few of Comic Writers who have attained godhood and fame through the craft of comic script writing.


Please, realize that this is not undermining of the ARTIST’s penultimate role in bringing the visuals to life but an exemplification the Writer’s role in this process.

It stands to reason therefore that, hopefully, that African Creatives will start employing and searching for talented writers in bringing great works of art to reality. Comics that will survive the test of time and trends.

If Writers are not given their due role in the industry, it is only trite that current wave of poorly written Comics will be sustained leading to the inevitable demise of the industry. This is a secret that the successful companies have grasped, maybe the grassroots need to accept this physical evidence as well.

This is the next level. The African Comic book scene is no longer in its infancy. Its well on it way to a well deserved adolescence at which stage, the excuse of ignorance will no longer water but be treated as a pariah as well.

There are several great writers in the industry and earlier last month, the group; The Comics Writer’s Meltdown Group held a competition in which it called for scripts. The quality of the scripts were not only mind boggling but eye opening as well.

It is our hope that this call to action will be taken seriously. Comic Makers please step up your game. Comics Writers need to come out of hiding. It should not take a great writer like Roye Okupe setting up his own company to get the industry to take writers seriously. Writers like Wale Awelenje, Sewedo Nupowaku, Mamode Ogbewele, Xavier Ighorodje, Seun Odukoya, Emmanuel Ezeabiama, Akintoba Kalejaye, Kelly Kalu etc exist relatively under the radar in the industry. This is inexcusable…


By the Reporter who strikes.



The Winner of the 1st Comics Writer’s Meltdown Writing Competition is…!

The Comics Meltdown Writer’s Group:

The Writer’s Group Commenced a Comic Script Writing Competition on the 29th of July, 2018.

In this competition, participants were expected to write a comic script spelt out below:

  • A 12 Page Comic Script With ALL the following elements:
  • Superpowers
  • Gods
  • Corruption (Subjective interpretation)
  • West Africa
  • Inter-dimensional Travel.
  • New Characters for the purpose of the Competition (The Script cannot be based on existing Characters in any continuity)

Five Comic Writers/Creators participated in the competition and delivered astounding works of Fiction that were both masterfully written and composed.

The Participants and their scripts were:

1. Babatunde Ajibulu CWM Challenge Babatunde Ajibulu

2. Patrick Aguisi CWM CSWC – Patrick Agusi

3. Olatunde Olufowobi CWM Competition- Olatunde Olufowowbi

4. Abu Bello CMW Contest Abu Bello

5. Thorpey Samuel CWM Contest – Thorpey Samuel

They all delivered their scripts before or on the 8th of July of July, 2018. The Admin of the Comics Writer’s Meltdown then swept into action gathering a well known team of Judges that were both Talented and had the stripes to show for their wealth of Experience in the Comics Industry both within and abroad. The Judges were:

– Mr. Sewedo Nupowaku

– Mr Jide Martin

– Mr Dapo Olasiyan

– Mr Kingsley Okoh

– And the Admin of the group; Akintoba Kalejaye & Wale Awelenje.

The Judges poured over the scripts and finally came up with a decision. But first, it is important to state that all participant did extremely well. Below is an exemplification of the effort of each and every participant.

  1. – Babatunde Ajibulu’s script was very strong script, even though it was not strictly ordered, the story was pleasant to read and he followed the order of the themes of the competition. His script was Climatic!, and in the best way!.
  2. – Patrick Aguisi’s script was masterfully ordered, following the theme of the competition to a letter, His story was refreshing even if not thematically morbid as some other scripts, it was a delight to read!.
  3. – Olatunde Olufowobi ‘s script was well written, the story was a bit groggy but it did not deter from the intention of the writer. The thematic changes were well intention-ed and well received!.
  4. – Abu Bello’s script was a joy to read. It was so well written that some of the Judges commented on his masterful use of English and attention to Grammar. The script ignored a tiny bit thematic rules of the competition but, this did not in any way remove from its excellent nature!.
  5. – Thorpey Samuel’s script was very imaginative and straight to the point. Even though its ordering and grammar were suspect, it still did its job in conveying a powerful story to the judges!.

But… Ultimately there can be 1 winner.

The Judges collectively chose: Mr. Patrick Aguisi!


Patrick Aguisi is the winner of the 1st Comic’s writer Meltdown Script Writing Competition. His script was the definition of a comic script and it read like a text book for comic script writing!, Wale Awelenje, one of the Admin of the group said this:

“Aguisi’s script features unique characters within a myriad of culturally significant situations and environments. You had statues of the gods, and an unusual set of characters and creatures taking part in a sequence of events that was not run of the mill.There was a well written dialogue that felt as if it was well thought through, and not simply characters espousing what the writer had in his head”


Congratulations Patrick Aguisi!

Please read the scripts above and tell us what you think!

More on this to come later…