Comic Connect Wants you!!!

Admin Announcement!
Formal Invitation From Comic Connect:
Hey Meltdown, What’s going on with everyone?
We as a group stand invited to the Comic Connect happening on the 17th of November, 2018 (Next week Saturday). We will be extending this invitation to all our sister groups, Naija gakure and Anime Exchange Groups!
Comic Connect Invitation
The Meltdown will have its own booth and session!
Comic Connect Invitation 2
This is the part where we show up as Fans of Comic Books. The Part where we put our money where our mouth is. Frankly, this is a big deal for us as it is the first time any convention is making this big a deal about the fans or The Meltdown group.
The Session is going to be a Debate Session where the fans and The Meltdown will do a comparative analysis between African Heroes & Their Foreign Counterparts, an all out argument session (a poll will be put on our social media for Topic) and the way forward for African Comics.
Honestly, it does not get better than this. We, as fans are being given a rare opportunity to plot the course of History and make our voices heard…clearly!
A live announcement will be happening a 2.30pm WAT .
Let us know your thoughts!
Comic Connect Will be happening on the 17th of November, 2018 at Freedom Park, Lagos.

Metalla #2 is coming!!!

When you are aggrieved
It is hard to tell where justice leaves off
and vengeance begins.
Metalla Issue II
Coming this Wednesday to
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