UNIRave Costume Party is Coming!!!

Hello Meltdown/ Everyone,
The Collective of Industry Conventions, an organization that is the convener of the Beloved Unicon Event is bringing awesome sauce once again!.
UniRave is comings people!
And…we the admin the the Comics Meltdown Group are all here for it!!. Our excitement about this event come off the heels of CICA keeping us informed about their plans and take it from us, they are completely awesome!. CICA is one of the few fan event organizers who listen to fans and do things right, and, we are so excited because we know, this event will be outstanding!
Now, we can’t disclose everything to you right now but here is what we can disclose;
1. Comic Debates: This segment will see beloved characters being set up against one another, with fans (Mujis, Jis, Vandals etc ~ sorry if you don’t get this ~ join the The Comics Meltdown Group ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/Comics.Meltdown/) stepping up on stage to proclaim the superiority of their beloved universes. This is your chance to ensure that your favourite characters are not undermined. lol
34460248_1927865813893085_7981980171659902976_o (1)
2. Anime Exchange: ThE ANimE exChAnGE has been around for awhile and if you do not know it, join here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/anime.exchange/. Furthermore, All members of Naija Gakure ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/naijagakure/, The Meltdown and any person are invited to come get their anime, digital comics, and manga fix. The only rule is “Have something someone else wants”. Bring your drives, your laptops and lets swap “stuff”. We are so excited about this!
3. Cosplay Competition: As usual, you will be expected to wear something related to comics. Honestly, if you are not, don’t talk to us lol (JK). But, there will be a cosplay competition during the UniRave and it promises to be legendary.
4. Games, Comic Centered Rap Battles and More.
Remember. this is just a part of what CICA is planning for this event. There will definitely be more announced over time.
We are so hyped up for this!!
While all the details are not presently available, the venue, date and other event details will emerge soon, just make sure you keep the whole of December open!, why?, you CANNOT afford to miss this!
Keep an eye on this space!

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