Lagos Comic Con Moves to Remedy The Situation.

Hey Guys,

Finally, there is a reprise and progress on OluGbenga Lawal issue that was brought to the group’s attention.

A week ago, one of ours came to the group with news that was both disturbing and unfair. In a characteristic response, the members of the group rallied together and roared against those that reside in the clouds.

Our voices were heard. Our voices compelled positive change.

According to the documents and excerpts we have received, the money has not been fully repaid, but the legal framework is in place to compel payment. For this, we can say kudos to the organizers of LCC at the very least for stepping up to the plate.

gbenga post

This said, the ADMIN have resolved that we will not reverse our decision or take a step back until this situation is completely resolved. It is our hope that LCC will be honorable in seeing this through. When this is done, we are prepared to review our decision based off the prevailing situation at that instance.

Honestly, we are sure that the actions of the members of this group in collaboration with the ADMIN has changed the Comics industry for the better. People will definitely be more conscientious in dealing with other…at least in this Industry.

Honestly, you guys are superheroes! and we the ADMIN have never been prouder of all of you and this group.

We thank everyone for their support and for their conscience.

The Anime Exchange
The Comics Meltdown

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