Trust is the basis for growth.

Hey Comics Meltdown Group,

Yesterday, one of our members Mr. Gbenga Lawal brought a situation to our notice.


In his post, he alleged that the Convener of Lagos Comic Con, Mr. Ayodele Elegba Scammed him of 3 million Naira. He further pleaded for our help to compel Mr. Elegba to return his money and publicize this issue .

Seeing the serious nature of his claims, the admin of the Comics Meltdown, Naijagakure and Anime Exchange investigated his claims. Further to this, Mr Lawal thereto notified us/provided documentary evidence for his claims and we premise our findings on his documents.

We considered his claims purely on their merit since it seems that Mr. Ayodele Elegba is not ready or willing to take our request for a response from him seriously. It is noteworthy that, if or/and when we are able to confirm from Ayodele Elegba or we have information that is sufficient to change our finding and decision, we will change our stance immediately.

To reach a decision we examined:
– Emails between both partiesLCC evid 1
– Contract(s)
– Financial statements (or lack thereof)

We established the following:
-1. Mr Lawal wanted to organize his own Comic Con (Abuja Comic Con). He went to Mr Elegba for advise upon which Mr Elegba advised him to invest his funds into Lagos Comic Con(LCC) so that he would have more funds for his own event.
-2. Mr. Elegba via a document known as “FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS AND BUDGET FOR LAGOS COMIC CON 2018” assured Mr. Lawal that the LCC would return “N16,900,000 total profit after invested cost” of which “N5,070,000” would be his own return. In Mr. Elegba’s word in the email and document he said “However i must say this is just a forecast and we could make more than this and God forbid maybe a little less”. This email made his ensuing action very confusing.
-3. Mr. Elegba and Mr. Lawal signed an MOU which made the amount invested by Mr. Lawal a nonrefundable investment. Mr. Lawal notes here that he signed the MOU with little Legal Advice purely out of trust of Mr. Elegba’s standing in the industry.
-4. The LCC 18 happened and after Mr. Elegba notified Mr Lawal that his investment of 3 million was gone and he forwarded N150,000 to Mr. Lawal as his cut of the profit. Mr. Elegba did not show his bank records or actual books to Mr. Lawal to support his claims. He instead forwarded some word documents typed by his hands of expenditure and profits.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-10 at 10.35.12 AM

Our Reasoning:
Before we give our decision on this contingency as The Admin of the Comics Meltdown Group, we must say we find this situation completely unacceptable and abhorrent. Merely going through the documents forwarded by Mr. Lawal, there were several discrepancies in the Contract, in the documentation, that clearly point to intent to outsmart Mr. Lawal from the get-go.

While we will say, Mr. Elegba’s actions are perfectly Legal as far as the contract goes, his refusal to share his bank records with an investor to support his claims, his recent statements (recanted by Mr. Lawal) of “the money is gone” which differ from his initial assurances compels us to believe that there is more to this than meets the eye.

His actions of refusing to share proper documentation of the convention’s earnings, discrepancies in his estimates all point to a dearth of ethics.

Notably, earlier, members of the group, Mr Dapo Olasiyan and Shamsudeen Idris noted that despite Mr. Elegba receiving money for the Cosplay competition for LCC 17 in full, he refused to pay the sum to the winners till September 2018. A year plus after he received said sum in full and from the conclusion of the event.

We will not be part of this way of doing things.

Our decision:
The Nigerian Comics Industry is budding and cannot afford incidents like what has happened. Trust is the basis for growth and if dishonesty like this is allowed to thrive, then we are only headed for disaster both as an Industry and as fans.

We are fully aware that we are merely Admin of an online group, lacking any real power of law and do not conduct ourselves as such, but, we are at liberty to determine who has access to our forum and use such as means of furthering their own agenda. We act in respect of this understanding of the extent of our authority.

We are merely a group that loves Superheroes…

…we should emulate the superheroes we believe in…

This could have happened to any of us. To trust is not err EVER, but to seek to take without returns or transparency at the very least is wrong.

The actions by the conveners of the LCC are wrong in their entirety. The are immoral without a doubt and they lack honour. They show an abject lack of apathy or basic understanding of honour. As such, we decide;

-The Lagos Comic Con and All related to them are hereby blacklisted from all our forums.
-The Lagos Comic Con and All related to them are disallowed from using our forums in any way or manner.

Our decision is clear and without any ambiguities and will be posted across all our forums.

We clearly believe that behavior like this will severely stunt the growth of the Nigerian Comics Industry both Nationally and internationally. It is therefore imperative that this matter not be kept private in any manner. We, Nigerian comics fans do not support this type of behavior, this much must be clear to the world.

In this vein, we plead and advise that all forum members who finds such actions abhorrent and morally unacceptable should do what they feel they can to spread the word to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else

We hope Mr. Lawal recoups his money and We hope all who intend to have ANY dealing or know anyone who would have such intention of dealing with Lagos comic con and of its agents will stand advised on their (LCC’s) way of doing business.

Comics Meltdown Admin.
Naijagakure Admin
Anime Exchange Admin.


4 Replies to “Trust is the basis for growth.”

  1. The LCC has to be boycotted until the so called organizers provide a clear explanation for this truly sad and disturbing incident.


  2. This has been going on for a while and I keep wondering why people can’t see and why they keep falling for the comic- con artist over and over again?
    For starters, the name Comic Con is suppose to confuse and convince unsuspecting fellas to believe this may have anything in connection with the major comic con events we know but while it has none.
    Let’s lay that aside and get back to financial misappropriation and swindling crimes,, it started in teeny tiny bits, take projector money refuse to supply, take generator money not provide, promise people to venue then go collect money from other people and offer them same space which means original promises is now done for and without warning, take table or stand money not offer product… in fact my very first experience with Ayo was to fight for someone who paid for a table space at the very first con event and they never were gonna get what they paid for despite repeated efforts …until I jumped in and called him out in a polite manner at the time… I promise you I dont even know the extent of damaged and trust destroyed by this dude… someone even did me an audio recording to express their displeasure and sadness at being swindled of time, money and promises to be showcased at the Con event.

    I almost forgot another American artist who was gonna attend the 2017 one and was equally conned of money for a promise to help them fly down to Nigeria… such a shame really.

    In no other words, this guy must be boycotted and excommunicated, indeed blacklisted and where possible a legal case opened against him.

    Why do people repeatedly believe that someone is more awesome than you and must be worshipped while there are real selfless people in the same industry but won’t go to such.


  3. Hello my name is Raymond, I had been with ayodele from the begining of his so called comic vision, he uses all the ideas from real gifted comic artist and claim its originality, i did 3d animation back in the days then and all i noticed from him was that he is just a fraudstar that loves the spotlight of real gifted people, this nigga has no real talent than to dwell on others opportunity and rob them from it, please this Punk gives Nigerian Comic Community a bad name banning him or his goons is not just enough drastic actions must be taken, this is not his first time he has swindled people, pls house Justice must be served


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