Review of Beatz 3: The Rhythm Hits a Crescendo! by Patrick Agusi


Comics Meltdown Review of Beatz #3

Published by Comic Republic

Created by Jide Martin

Written by Akintoba Kalejaye

Line Art by Yusuf Adeleye

Colours by Franklin Ikechukwu

I have always maintained that Beatz is one of the best titles currently being published by Comic Republic, and this chapter does everything to reinforce that belief.

While it is always fun to see new heroes with unique power-sets, it is equally just as boring to read about powers-sets rather than people. Many upcoming comic titles try to lure you in with “what the hero can do”, rather than tell a story of “who the hero is”. Beatz does not fall into this trap, and the comic so far, has been about the enigma “Dj Sose” and the things that drive him, as much as it is about his incredible abilities and the manner in which he uses them. Kudos to the writer for that.


So what are the things that Beatz #3 does right?

First off, kudos to Adeleye for the lines. There is something gritty and “naijalistic” about the art in Beatz that I do not see in many comics from the region. Facial expressions are tough, lines are sharp and suitably defined. The anatomy of Jade Waziri is… ahem. The colors are incredible. Dialogue is short and precise, and actions always speak louder than words in this title.


The plot seems to be opening up to something much bigger, and it seems our villain from the last issue is actually a bigger force than most readers would realize.


The events in this issue were rather character-driven, and I honestly love where things are going with Sose’s characterization.016

The bad?

Lagos seems to have a bit too many thugs who seem fond of mugging/beating people up in alleys in broad-daylight. You would wonder where they keep getting their confidence from. Especially with all the superheroes running around. The narration in this issue was also a little too self-indulgent at times. Some parts would have done with more clarity. .

Beatz #3 is a solid instalment in an already solid series and the next issue promises to be more electrifying than anything we have seen so far.

4/5 stars. And no. I am not padding.

Please read Beats #3 here:

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Review Written by Patrick Agusi (Writer, Comic Fan)


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