Aje #3 is a Transcendental book of Art Marvel.

Comics Meltdown Review of AJE #3


Published by Comic Republic

Written by Wale Awelenje.

Line Art by OZ (Ozo Ezeogu)

Colours by MADMAX (Tobe Ezeogu)

We love Comics. We worship great comics, and this is one.

Wale Awelenje is an Admin and a day one member of the comics meltdown group.


So, we are not surprised with this monstrosity of a comic that came out of his mind. But, we get ahead of ourselves.

There was plenty of Hype surrounding this comic and we were not invested until we read it. Holy S#&*%!

This comic is beyond awesome and maybe created by the gods for the gods!

Lets start from the Line Art!, oh wow!. Oz had to have been on alien herbs to have drawn this!. The Line art was a wondrous experience and every dot, every line and hatch spoke of supreme purpose. The line art was inspired to say the least and honestly made the experience of reading the comic ethereal in form and nature. OZ should proud of himself for this game changing art at the very least. We are happy that this comic is an African one as it speaks to the potential hidden on the African Continent.


The Colours were out of this planet!. MAX has shown the Madness he his well know for artistically. The colours boosted the art and made the pages a pure pleasure to look at. We were honestly worried once we saw the sheer amount of details on the lines but MAX buried our worries with his ethereal splash of colours around the comics. One of our reviewer keeps saying his eyes are still bleeding from the sheer awesomeness. This comic could not have been easy to colour yet, Max pulled it off!


The script written by Clock Penalty(wale) obviously set a very high standard for the comic from the get go and we were happy to see the words match the script line for line. This comic was easy to read and it advances the story of AJE into an overdrive not seen in the last issues.

This comic was a great read!

This is a great Comic, and honestly, we don’t know if it gets better than this.

This is expression, this is Art.

Comic Republic has made pure magic with this book, we cannot wait for what they do next!

This is a great comic book. End.

Please read here http://www.thecomicrepublic.com/web/viewer.html?file=Aje_3_2018_web.pdf

and tell us what you think!!

4.7 out of 5 stars!

Catch Comic Republic on their Website for more great books.



2 Replies to “Aje #3 is a Transcendental book of Art Marvel.”

  1. I have read the last two issues of Aje and I agree with some of the points mentioned here. This issue does take the story on overdrive! Kudos to the writer for that.

    Oz is amazing on lines as always. Incredibly detailed and realistic art. However, for once, I wish he had stuck to conventional comic book form, so I could better appreciate the goings-on within the book. While his style was abstract and did, in fact, fit the story being told, it also became a lot for the reader to take.

    A lot of times, the pages looked groggy, and some of the scenes (and dialogue too) were hard to follow. I understand that art is subjective, and there might be many who would appreciate this style… but I guess it is not for me. It did not detract anything from the story, however, and I will be waiting eagerly for Aje 4 to follow.

    3/5 stars. I am stingy like that.

    PS: I hope the Falonis and Fayemis and Fasolatidos make another appearance in the next issue. I loved that scene.

    Kudos to the Republic and all who worked on this comic. Y’all are making us proud.

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