The Winner of the 1st Comics Writer’s Meltdown Writing Competition is…!

The Comics Meltdown Writer’s Group:

The Writer’s Group Commenced a Comic Script Writing Competition on the 29th of July, 2018.

In this competition, participants were expected to write a comic script spelt out below:

  • A 12 Page Comic Script With ALL the following elements:
  • Superpowers
  • Gods
  • Corruption (Subjective interpretation)
  • West Africa
  • Inter-dimensional Travel.
  • New Characters for the purpose of the Competition (The Script cannot be based on existing Characters in any continuity)

Five Comic Writers/Creators participated in the competition and delivered astounding works of Fiction that were both masterfully written and composed.

The Participants and their scripts were:

1. Babatunde Ajibulu CWM Challenge Babatunde Ajibulu

2. Patrick Aguisi CWM CSWC – Patrick Agusi

3. Olatunde Olufowobi CWM Competition- Olatunde Olufowowbi

4. Abu Bello CMW Contest Abu Bello

5. Thorpey Samuel CWM Contest – Thorpey Samuel

They all delivered their scripts before or on the 8th of July of July, 2018. The Admin of the Comics Writer’s Meltdown then swept into action gathering a well known team of Judges that were both Talented and had the stripes to show for their wealth of Experience in the Comics Industry both within and abroad. The Judges were:

– Mr. Sewedo Nupowaku

– Mr Jide Martin

– Mr Dapo Olasiyan

– Mr Kingsley Okoh

– And the Admin of the group; Akintoba Kalejaye & Wale Awelenje.

The Judges poured over the scripts and finally came up with a decision. But first, it is important to state that all participant did extremely well. Below is an exemplification of the effort of each and every participant.

  1. – Babatunde Ajibulu’s script was very strong script, even though it was not strictly ordered, the story was pleasant to read and he followed the order of the themes of the competition. His script was Climatic!, and in the best way!.
  2. – Patrick Aguisi’s script was masterfully ordered, following the theme of the competition to a letter, His story was refreshing even if not thematically morbid as some other scripts, it was a delight to read!.
  3. – Olatunde Olufowobi ‘s script was well written, the story was a bit groggy but it did not deter from the intention of the writer. The thematic changes were well intention-ed and well received!.
  4. – Abu Bello’s script was a joy to read. It was so well written that some of the Judges commented on his masterful use of English and attention to Grammar. The script ignored a tiny bit thematic rules of the competition but, this did not in any way remove from its excellent nature!.
  5. – Thorpey Samuel’s script was very imaginative and straight to the point. Even though its ordering and grammar were suspect, it still did its job in conveying a powerful story to the judges!.

But… Ultimately there can be 1 winner.

The Judges collectively chose: Mr. Patrick Aguisi!


Patrick Aguisi is the winner of the 1st Comic’s writer Meltdown Script Writing Competition. His script was the definition of a comic script and it read like a text book for comic script writing!, Wale Awelenje, one of the Admin of the group said this:

“Aguisi’s script features unique characters within a myriad of culturally significant situations and environments. You had statues of the gods, and an unusual set of characters and creatures taking part in a sequence of events that was not run of the mill.There was a well written dialogue that felt as if it was well thought through, and not simply characters espousing what the writer had in his head”


Congratulations Patrick Aguisi!

Please read the scripts above and tell us what you think!

More on this to come later…

3 Replies to “The Winner of the 1st Comics Writer’s Meltdown Writing Competition is…!”

  1. Nice stuff. I’m glad something is being done to encourage more writers. It’s hardwork believe me because i practiced script writing for a comic for the fun of it and experience.
    It now helps to me guide anyone writing for me as a co-writer for future projects if any and edit it well.


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