African Comics Writers are here…Now.

In the African/Nigerian Comics/Graphics Novels clime, Writers – Comics Scripts Writers are/ have always been relegated to the background.

Artists are lauded solely – rightly. The importance of the Artist in the creative process of evincing the visuals of the Comic Book cannot be understated. This is a fact. But…

The Comic book writers is just as important.

In the process of making any comic, the sigil of any great comic’s narrative starts and ultimately stops with the writer. Notably, no one can do everything. In same manner, no Artist can truly make a great comic without a great writer.

Significantly, this then begs the query on why writers are ignored and relegated to the background in Nigerian… No, African Comics. It is truly mind boggling.

If truly this industry was a student of history, it would be realized that the various heads of various internationally successful Comics Companies are Writers and with good reason. This is another statement of fact…

Stan Lee, Micheal Bends, Hickman, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller, Scott Snyder and the almighty Robert Kirkman of Walking dead fame are a few of Comic Writers who have attained godhood and fame through the craft of comic script writing.


Please, realize that this is not undermining of the ARTIST’s penultimate role in bringing the visuals to life but an exemplification the Writer’s role in this process.

It stands to reason therefore that, hopefully, that African Creatives will start employing and searching for talented writers in bringing great works of art to reality. Comics that will survive the test of time and trends.

If Writers are not given their due role in the industry, it is only trite that current wave of poorly written Comics will be sustained leading to the inevitable demise of the industry. This is a secret that the successful companies have grasped, maybe the grassroots need to accept this physical evidence as well.

This is the next level. The African Comic book scene is no longer in its infancy. Its well on it way to a well deserved adolescence at which stage, the excuse of ignorance will no longer water but be treated as a pariah as well.

There are several great writers in the industry and earlier last month, the group; The Comics Writer’s Meltdown Group held a competition in which it called for scripts. The quality of the scripts were not only mind boggling but eye opening as well.

It is our hope that this call to action will be taken seriously. Comic Makers please step up your game. Comics Writers need to come out of hiding. It should not take a great writer like Roye Okupe setting up his own company to get the industry to take writers seriously. Writers like Wale Awelenje, Sewedo Nupowaku, Mamode Ogbewele, Xavier Ighorodje, Seun Odukoya, Emmanuel Ezeabiama, Akintoba Kalejaye, Kelly Kalu etc exist relatively under the radar in the industry. This is inexcusable…


By the Reporter who strikes.



One Reply to “African Comics Writers are here…Now.”

  1. Very true and accurate. Another thing is more of these writers you mentioned in this article some of who i know very well need to take a more visual approach to teaching what they know about creative writing via social media.

    Like starting blogs with vlogs showing their unique process in getting things done. This affects the whole industry because it hasn’t been easy changing our natural African disposition to be conservative about everything. No wonder we aren’t making a chunk globally from YouTube or selling video tutorials online which now according to a silent $107.8 billion industry not stopping soon (yep,those figures are mind blowing i know).

    Take for example writing scripts up until a few years ago i thought the default app for writing was Microsoft Word . Oh my,was i dead wrong. Celtx is such an awesome app that it makes artists want to write and there’s Evernote and Scrivener as options. We gotta step up big time.


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