Featured Artist: Ariel Viola believes ART gives him Freedom.

Ariel Viola is from the Philippines and he is a member of the Comics Meltdown Group. He works as an artist for a Living, doing commissions as freelancer . We caught up with him earlier this week to take a look at his art and ask him about his thoughts on art. After he sent us some of his work, Boy!! were we excited to feature him!

Check out his Art below:

1.Aker Final s

2.Simetra Final s

3.Nommo Final 1s

Well, we can only say one thing!, wow!!

Looking at the line art and colors, it is not far fetched to say that Ariel is a very talented artist.

Ariel said he loves drawing, creating and making Fan-Art or Art in general since, he believes that every line improves his art and gives him the freedom to develop himself and his craft.

Ariel is a multifaceted artist who uses both the traditional style/Hand Drawn Art or Graphic Art. He does admit however that he uses his graphic Tab & Computer most of the time, especially on his professional jobs. In his words, Art is everything to him, whatever he sees is a form of art that he feels he and everyone need to appreciate. Sagely words!!!

-Please find Ariel on social media at:



-and on the web at:



Please let us know what you think of Ariel Viola and his art by dropping some kind words on this post

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