Alaba Onajin is a prolific writer,artist and all around great guy. He is also a well known lover and stout advocate of anything DC comics. His name “The Alabatman”is well deserved moniker. His charge during the great war of the Meltdown many years ago, his feats of courage are still whispered in fear in the great halls of the Mujis. His dislike for Marvel comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well documented on the group.

That was until earlier this week.

The famed DC adherent was caught on camera taking pictures with Marvel’s Deadpool at an undisclosed location. His action portending his defection from the Comic Meltdown Forum, The DC Jis. Please note his smile in the attached picture showing how happy and elated he was to have initiated this abhorrent betrayal of his kin.


The reactions of the DC Jis have ranged from disbelief to denial or straight out depression. At this moment, the fate of the DC Jis remains unknown since their general has decamped to evidently the better camp.

Alabatman has refused to comment on his action and could not be reached for any further comments. But, our resident Dr. Moore has sworn that there will be a reckoning. He swore to this on his upside down konoha headband.


We will keep you updated as this is a developing situation.

By the Reporter that Strikes.


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