Wale. C. Dev, Our Admin releases a Comic of Intrigue and “Spearing” Awesomeness!

According to his posts on the Forum(https://www.facebook.com/groups/Comics.Meltdown/)  Wale has been working  on Trials of the Spear for a while…  Alongside Dominic Oziren and Michael Balogun. This comic takes you back a few hundred years to old Oyo kingdom for this one!

When you have a Panel like the one below, you know you are in for Art and story awesomeness.012.jpg


I have read this and honestly, it is a masterpiece of lore and homage to Japanese Shounen Manga.

Please……enjoy, and discuss…

PDF: http://www.thecomicrepublic.com/Trials_of_the_spear/Trials_of_the_spear_1.pdf

CBZ: http://www.thecomicrepublic.com/Trials_of_the_spear/Trials_of_the_spear_1.cbz


When you read this, ensure you come back to tell us what you think. We will ensure he sees your opinion. lol!

When you know about comics, appreciate the medium and respect the craft, it shows through. This comic displays exactly these factors.

by The Reporter who Strikes.

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