BREAKING NEWS!!! Leader of PEACENIXS goofs, calls “Lucius Fox”, “Luscious”.


The Peacenixs are a well known Quasi Faction on the Comics Meltdown Group.

If by known, you mean floundering, messing up and taking no position. The PEacenixs are the proverbial fence sitters who then get mauled by all sides.

Their self proclaimed leader, Caleb AE decided to make comic history when he renamed Batman’s well know helper and Bat family resident engineer “Lucius Fox” as LUSCIOUS FOX. At the time of this report, reports are coming in that, maybe indeed he finds the old black guy luscious *shrugs*35386829_1686324668118977_7456441891647651840_n

Many Members of the group expressed outrage and disbelief at the truancy of the PEACENIX leader while some like Dr. Moore fainted in disbelief at the disrespect meted out to the BATFamily. Caleb on the other hand expressed disdain and a blatant refusal to repent. Find his confession below.

He expressed clear irreverence for the sacred halls of the Comics Meltdown group.

The scoundrel could not be reached for further comments.

By The Reporter who strikes.


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