Detective Comics 983 (2018) Short Meltdown Review

Detective Comics (2016-) 983-002

Detective Comics 983 (2018) Short Meltdown Review.

Great Comic really.

This Comic fully showcases why Batman is beloved by so many people including our resident Dr. Moore.

Personally, i loved the angle of the new villain who seems to believe that all “Batman Helpers” make batman weak or “unbatman”. The banter between Martian Manhunter and Bruce further serving the fact that even when helpless Batman is still batman.

The Art was great also with the Alternative Cover above taking the cake for me. The Art was is crisp and clear with colours serving the tone and theme of the story. I loved the fact that the art was gritty in the right place and “comicy” in the right places.

Have you read it

What did you think about it?

Vent on the Meltdown please.


By Akintoba Kalejaye.


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